Why are we doing what we do?


We believe that:

Relationships create Culture 


Culture creates Success


"My experience with the companies that I have run and the hundreds of CEO's that I have coached in my mastermind groups is that over 70% of business problems are about relationships."
Neil Wilkie


Our mission is to impact and improve 10 million relationships around the world in this decade


We want to help make the world of work happier and more successful.

Come and join us in this journey now.


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Here are some comments from CEO's about relationships in their business.


What would you like to be saying and feeling about the pivotal relationships in your business?


When relationships within my business are really good it feels like........

We are cooking on gas

We are telepathic

An 8-man rowing team gliding effortlessly across the water

One Happy Family

Team members naturally talk to each other in a spirit of co-operation, which means things get done with the minimum amount of effort. 

One actually enjoys discussing challenges with colleagues when ideas and suggestions are based purely on helping the company.

The sky is the limit. 

You feel like every door opening is an opportunity, every call adds to your day and everything you achieve makes a real difference to people’s daily working lives. 

You’re confident. 

You’re happy. 

You look forward to every new day. 

Your enthusiasm can be infectious!


When relationships in my business are bad it feels like.....

Treading on eggshells

No one is taking responsibility and owning problems

Someone is twisting a knife in my gut

90% of the time is spent trying to ensure people are not offended or to trying to bring them on board with a new idea and 10% on the actual task. 

Often even if the team ‘supposedly’ agrees on a plan, when relationships are bad one expects a ‘bad apple’ to try to upset the plan out of spite – probably too strong a word – however some folks just like to prove an idea that isn’t theirs will be unsuccessful.

The rug is pulled out from under your feet. 

The people you saw as friends, suddenly won’t return your calls. 

The strong foundations you believed your relationships and career were built on suddenly turn to sand and start falling away beneath your feet. 

You look for reasons not to turn up in the mornings. 

You lose trust in everyone around you and what the business stands for. 

Everyday tasks become mountains to climb and you wonder why you’re even continuing to try.


What are your relationships like in your business?


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"In a relationship there is no reality - there is only perception." - Neil Wilkie