Our Vision

A modern workplace where everyone can belong, contribute and thrive, irrespective of where they do their work.

Our Goal

To guide and support leaders as they reimagine how work is done in their organisation.


Come together with intention and purpose, not prescription.

Omni-Working Book

An essential guide for busy leaders to help them maximise performance, productivity and wellbeing - critical topics for all organisations in the post-Covid world.

Stephen Pierce, Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Hitachi Europe Ltd.

In her latest book, Gwen Stirling-Wilkie draws on conversations with senior business leaders who are actively trying to find solutions to the challenges they face in their organisation.  Their goal? To improve engagement, collaboration, talent retention and performance.  

She combines this with insights from her research and 30 years of experience as a leader and organisational consultant. 

What can you do to enable your team to work effectively in all ways, from all places?


The question of where people work has generated thousands of headlines and sparked a polarising debate between ‘returning to the office’ and ‘working from home’. Where to work is only one part of the solution, being enabled to work effectively is another, and there is more to consider.  It's time to move beyond the debate and reimagine how work gets done. That's where Omni-Working comes in...

This isn’t a theoretical or academic book, it is drawn from the author’s hands-on, 30-year career as a leader and organisational consultant. It includes vignettes from senior leaders actively trying to find solutions to the challenges they face to improve engagement, collaboration and performance. It seeks to find the best blend of where and how teams work most effectively for their organisation’s context.


'This Is A Truly Valuable Guide'

 "As someone deeply entrenched in the study of social dynamics and the ever-changing landscape of work, I can enthusiastically endorse Gwen Stirling-Wilkie's book on Omni-Working. Her emphasis on 'how' people work, practical framework, and adaptability make this book a transformative resource. This is truly a valuable guide for navigating the evolving work landscape."

Michael J. Arena, Ph.D., author of Adaptive Space and former Chief Talent Officer, General Motors

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The Omni-Working Framework

Our Unique Approach

Omni-Working provides pragmatic guidance for leaders to focus on HOW people work rather than where people work.

There isn't one 'right' answer as to how often people should come together in the office as each business has different needs.  There are many possible right answers, but not one that fits all situations.

Our Omni-Working Framework® will help you find the right answer for your organisation.

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