Do you have problems with pivotal relationships in your business?


Is your business stuck and suffering because of interpersonal problems between two of your key senior people?

Is this situation creating ripples across your senior team or in your Board room?

Are you one of these two people, and feel too close to the problem to work out what to do?


To move forward you need to know if personality clashes or breakdowns in these pivotal relationships can be repaired or contained, and if not, you need a plan of action.  

We restore your business focus by resolving relationship issues like these, ones that are holding you and your business back. This could be a major personality clash, communication stand-off or your intuition that something is wrong inside the top team.


This is even more important if you are embarking on programme of change or repositioning the business after the pandemic. With up to 70% of change initiatives failing, you need your leadership team aligned, and speaking with 'one voice'.


We know that relationships create culture, and culture creates business success.
We want to create great business relationships.


Our aim is to get pivotal relationships in tune and working effectively, despite differences that may have surfaced.

We work exclusively with CEO's, Directors, Partners and Senior Leaders, in any size of organisation from any sector.

We are specialists in resolving the breakdown of a working relationship between two people critical to the business.


People problems are universal - solutions are bespoke. We have developed an innovative way of working two on two to rapidly get to the heart of the problem, and then create highly effective solutions.

What relationship problems are you facing? 


Trouble in the Boardroom

Disagreements are escalating, and it’s beginning to look like a campaign to challenge the leadership. Or is it just one of those ‘games’ that people sometimes play?  It’s creating ripples around the Board, draining energy, and you’re losing focus......


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Founding Director Discord

In the beginning you had shared dreams and goals for your business and worked successfully together to build it up. You came through many crises, and these new changes facing the business should be simple to sort out.  But it's not, it feels like you are all heading in different directions…..

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Post Pandemic Recovery

The business outlook is challenging following the pandemic. You need one key member of the Board or senior team to work alongside you to weather the storm and get things back on track, but that just isn't happening….



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Professional Partnerships

Your firm consists of qualified professionals grouped together.  At the top are one or more partners, usually headed by a Founder or a partner with the greatest seniority in the Practice.  Things don’t always run smoothly, but that’s been ok up to now.  This time there is big trouble, a clash of wills, or a disagreement over the future of the business.  There’s a lot at stake here, and you’re exhausted with it all……

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Colleagues in Conflict

Two people in your Senior Team are just not getting on. They rub each other up the wrong way, and spend more effort fighting or ignoring each other than on moving the business forward. It’s developed into an unhealthy situation, is creating a negative atmosphere, and needs to be fixed - quickly.




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It's in the Family

When you first got involved in the family business you all had shared dreams and goals for your business, or at least you were willing to go with the flow. Now, some members of the family aren’t pulling their weight, and the older generation are unwilling to let go and let the younger generation lead the business into the future ……



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"Change one small part and the whole is changed" 

Robert Fripp