Two people in your Senior Team just are not getting on. They rub each other up the wrong way, and spend more effort fighting or ignoring each other than on moving the business forward. It’s developed into an unhealthy situation and needs to be fixed - quickly.


They are stuck, and so are we

They watch each other like hawks, jump on the slightest wrong and encourage conspiracy thinking amongst the whole team.  They are creating a very negative atmosphere for all those around them.

 The trouble is while they are stuck, so is the entire senior leadership of the company. Their organisational responsibilities are substantial, and their feuding is disrupting the whole operation.


Current options are unpalatable

We either live with this or find a solution. The two combatants don’t respond to logic, inducements or threats. They will have to move or leave. But we are reluctant to do this as their skills are very valuable to us and the organisation.

Even more tricky – maybe one of the people is you, and you need a way back from the edge you have taken yourselves to.  But how?


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