The Relationship Paradigm 

An extraordinary model for improving business and personal relationships.  

Tested with hundreds of clients

The Relationship Paradigm 

Reconnect with your partner, by using this proven approach tested with hundreds of couples

The Relationship Paradigm has been developed by Neil Wilkie and shows the six elements that are fundamental to a great relationship between two people in business or personal relationships.

This is a model to help people calibrate their current relationship and to understand what needs to change to improve the relationship.

The 6 key elements are Communication, Connection, Commitment, Fun, Growth and Trust.

These elements are interlocked: if they grow together they are much stronger, and if one is absent or weak then the relationship is less resilient.

In a relationship there are also three parts; You, Me and Us. All three parts need to be involved in any change work.

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Introducing The Relationship Paradigm... an online programme for couples who have drifted apart and who want to reconnect and rekindle the love they first had.