Disagreements are escalating, and it’s beginning to look like a campaign to challenge the leadership. Or is it just one of those ‘games’ that people sometimes play?  It’s creating ripples around the Board, draining energy, and you’re losing focus…..


Losing Focus


The ‘moves’ being made by a colleague are causing everyone to lose focus, draining energy and commitment from both the leadership and the team. Business is suffering. A public boardroom split will be unconstructive and is likely to cause disaffection with other key personnel. If the end game results with one (or the other) leaving, this would be very costly at both business and personal levels so must avoided if possible.


A Private Forum


You need a private forum where you can talk, in safety, with the other person and thrash out share the problems that have led to this situation. You want to develop ways of working together for the future – and you believe this could happen. Yet you are also aware that you are part of the problem and putting aside interpersonal difficulties or differences in opinion is going to be tough on both sides.

There has to be a way of looking beyond the past and the personal issues to move towards a sustainable solution.

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