Your firm consists of qualified professionals grouped together.  At the top are one or more partners, usually headed by a Founder or a partner with the greatest seniority in the Practice.  You may be Lawyers, Vets, Pharmacists, Doctors, Architects, Dentists, or Accountants.  Perhaps you are a group of specialists, such as mental or physical health practitioners, property dealers, insurance specialists, researchers, or internet specialists.


Big trouble this time....

Such partnerships do not always run smoothly – after all, you are naturally independently minded individuals. But now there is trouble, big trouble between two of you.  It could be a direct clash of will, or disagreement over the future of the business, or succession issues. 

 Perhaps change is being forced on you through your professional environment – the economic downturn, statutory changes, technology advances, or structural shifts inside your professional body.  Maybe a personal problem one or both are having that is impacting on your ability to work together.


It’s distressing to deal with

There’s a lot at stake here – years of patiently climbing the seniority ladder; your financial investment in the business, such as the property (actual and intellectual), equipment; valued staff; an even more valued client base, and your reputation (locally or within the profession).  Starting again would mean significant disruption. 


All of this on top of long and often anti-social working hours.

Even worse, you’ve lost enthusiasm for what you do – which has seen you though every difficulty in the past. 

Life is very stressful right now.  And you are tired…..


With so much at stake, it’s worth looking for another way of resolving your issues amicably (or at least dispassionately). 

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